University of Utrecht (UU)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University (UU) is the only place in the Netherlands where veterinarians are trained. This means that our Faculty is the centre of expertise and point of reference for veterinary issues for the entire country, and increasingly for the world abroad as well. Our activities include providing primary health and welfare care for a variety of types of animals, monitoring food safety and the prevention of zoonoses (diseases transferable from animals to humans). The Faculty is considered one of the leading veterinary medicine faculties in Europe and is ranked in the top ten world-wide.

Role of UU in VAC2VAC

The tasks of UU will be the development of cellular assays that monitor antigen presenting cell (APC) maturation and its T cell (phenotypic) skewing capacities in veterinary animal systems. In addition, the APC maturation (and other phenotypic changes) will be analysed in cells collected from veterinary animal species such as chicken, cow or pig.

Partner representatives

Willem van EdenProf. W. van Eden, MD, PhD is a full professor of Veterinary Immunology and head of the division of Immunology of the UU Veterinary Faculty. He is an expert in the immunological safety testing of vaccines and has a track record in models of experimental autoimmunity and immunological tolerance.